California Condor


California Condor
Gymnogyps californianus

Conservation Status: Endangered

Size: From head to foot measurements are between 46-55 inches, the wingspan can range from 9- 9.8 feet. The weight of a condor is between 18-31 pounds.

Range: Entire Pacific coast of North America.

Habitat: Deserts of Southern California.

Diet: Carnivorous, feeding on animals such as: squirrels, rabbits, goats, cattle, sheep, deer, horses and coyote.

Breeding: February to May, one egg per mating pair, every other year.

Nesting: Nests found on the sides of cliffs, high rock outcrops, usually high up and inaccessible.

Description & Behavior
The California condor is black in color with a white underside. The head is bald and is a reddish-orange in color. The California condor’s head is bald mainly because it feeds on carrion, dead and decaying carcasses, and any head feathers would quickly become matted and dirty after feeding. There is a black feather ruff around the neck of the condor. Male California condors tend to be a bit larger than female condors. Juveniles of the species have gray down which they lose to adult plumage at the age of 5 to 7 months.