Golden Eagle


Golden Eagle
Aquila chrysaetos

Conservation Status: Endangered

Size: From head to foot measurements are around 3 feet long, the wingspan can be as much as 7 feet. The weight of a golden eagle is around 15 pounds.

Range: Wide range covering North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Habitat: Wide open spaces, mountains, forests, grasslands

Diet: Carnivorous, feeding on small mammals such as: rabbits, squirrels, prairie dogs, fish and other birds (occasionally).

Breeding: Monogamous; chooses a mate for life. Between the months of March-August. Lays 1-4 eggs once a year that are white or light colored with brown speckles.

Nesting: Nests found on the sides of cliffs, rocky crags, usually high up and inaccessible.

Description & Behavior
The Golden Eagle is dark brown in color though its head and neck has a golden coloring to it. Young birds have white bands and a dark band on the bottoms of their tail feathers and white patches on the tips of their wings. The Golden Eagle is the national bird of Mexico.