Brown Bear

brown_bearPhoto Credit: Laubenstein, Karen

Brown Bear
Ursus arctos

Also Known As: Grizzly Bear
Kodiak Bear
Silvertip Bear

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Size: Males are large than females; 3 to 10 feet long, weighing in between 175 to 1700 pounds.

Range: Northwestern North America.

Habitat: A variety of regions such as: forests, woodlands, mountains regions, swampy areas, also savannahs, deserts and tundras.

Diet: Omnivorous; can eat carrion, mammals, plants, fish, eggs, roots, seeds, fruits, nuts and berries.

Breeding: May to July.

Nesting: 2 to 4 cubs born in a den or an isolated cave, they weigh around a pound a peice at birth.

Warnings: Any species of bears have been documented to attack especially when startled, hungry or with their cubs!

Description & Behavior
The Brown Bear has a stout, large body with a distinctive large shoulder hump. The coloring of the Brown bear varies depending on its location, from blondish to golden brown to a dark brown, the fur has white to silver colored tips on the end.