Gray Wolf

gray_wolfPhoto Credit: Kramer, Gary

Gray Wolf
Canis lupus

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Size: Males are larger than females, height is between 2 to 3 feet, weighing in between 44 to 130 lbs.

Range: Upper part of North America, Canada, Alaska and into New England. Also the woods of the North Hemisphere, Canada.

Habitat: Open tundra, forests, mountains; a variety of areas.

Diet: Carnivorous; prefers to feed on small to large sized ungulated mammals.

Breeding: January to March

Nesting: 1 to 14 pups; born blind and deaf, weighing in at 1 lb.

Description & Behavior
Canine-type body, the Gray Wolf color ranges from greyish white to reddish to brown to even red and black, the fur coloring is multicolored. The Gray Wolf has a thick bushy tail with black hair on the tip.