Killer Whale


Killer Whale
Orcinus orca

Also Known As: Orca

Conservation Status: Data Deficient

Size: From head to tail measurements range from 13 feet to as high as 18 feet, though a male was once recorded as being 32 feet. The weight of the whale varies between 3000-16,500 pounds.

Range: All oceans; though the killer whale prefers the colder waters of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Habitat: Live in all oceans.

Diet: Carnivorous, fish is the main staple of their diet though they also eat mammals such as sea lions, otters, squid, turtles and penguins.

Breeding: Polygamous; breeding occurs year round.

Warnings: Though there are no records of an attack, swim with extreme caution in all ocean waters!

Description & Behavior
The killer whale has a long sleek body with smooth skin, described as feeling like rubber, and has a round head. The color of the killer whale is solid black on top, snow white on the underside and around the eyes. The killer whale has a white saddle right below the dorsal fin, also has a pectoral flipper and the tail known as a fluke. The dorsal fin is hooked for a female and is straight up and down for a male.