Procyon lotor

Also Known As: Common Raccoon
Northern Raccoon

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Size: Beween 24-38 inches; weight is between 4 and 35 pounds.

Range: North and South America

Habitat: Variety of habitats: forests, mountains, urban areas; they need close access to a water source.

Diet: omnivorous; can eat small mammals, insects, berries, seeds, fruit.

Breeding: January to June

Nesting: Make vegetation nests up in a tree; litter are between 3 to 7 young.

Notes: Raccoons are highly nocturnal and always wash their food before they eat it.

Warnings: It is documented that raccoons are a prime carrier of rabies and also carry a roundworm that is often fatal to other mammals and humans!

Description & Behavior
The raccoon has a medium sized body with colors ranging from greyish to greyish brown. Raccoons have small ears, and black mask outlined in white on their faces. They also have a brushy tail covered with brown and black rings.