Copperhead Snake

copperheadPhoto Credit: Rauch, Ray

Copperhead Snake
Agkistrodon contortrix

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Size: 22 to 53 inches long.

Range: North America

Habitat: Forests, woodlands, mountains regions, swampy areas

Diet: Prefers rodents, mice, voles, lizards, birds and insects.

Breeding: Springtime; post-hibernation

Nesting: 1 to 14 young are born live, size 7 to 10 inches long.

Warnings: Though not fatal, a copperhead’s bite does require immediate medical attention!

Description & Behavior
The copperhead has a long slender body. The coloring of the cooperhead varies from pinkish to sandy colored to reddish brown. The body of the copperhead snake has thick colored bands along its body that are brown. The rattle-less tail of the copperhead has a bright yellow tip. Young copperhead snakes are more grayish in color than the adults.