Crocodylus acutus

Also Known As: American Crocodile

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Size: Males are larger than females, between 7 to 20 feet long; weighing in between 160- 2000 pounds.

Range: Southern Florida to South America

Habitat: Swamps, marshes, wetlands, rivers, lakes; prefers saltwater.

Diet: Carnivorous; prefers small mammals, also frogs, birds, fishes, turtles and carrion.

Breeding: April to May

Nesting: Females make their nest from mud, leaves and other organic material; females lay up between 30 to 60 eggs.

Notes: Though they live in saltwater, young crocs cannot until they reach adulthood.

Warnings: Though rare, crocodiles have been known to attack and kill humans.

Description & Behavior
Quadrape, large, long, thick, muscled scaly, armored body. The American Crocodile color varies from grey to olive to brown. The underside of the American Crocodile is yellowish to cream colored to white. Long powerful tail that is often used for defense. Long protuding jaw with rows of sharp teeth.