King Cobra


King Cobra
Ophiophagus hannah

Conservation Status: Not Listed

Size: Can grow to between 10 -12 feet but can also reach as much as 18 feet long and weigh as much as 20 pounds.

Range: S to SE Asia

Habitat: Forests, open area, areas around bodies of water.

Diet: Carnivorous; prefers to feed on other snakes.

Breeding: January to April

Nesting: A nest made of branches and leaves at ground level. Cobras can lay between 21-40 eggs.

Notes: Though cobra venom is toxic to humans, a synthetic version of it is commonly used as an ingredient in pain reliever and arthritis medications.

Warnings: Venom is extremely toxic! Death can be caused by respiratory failure!

Description & Behavior
King cobras have a long, sleek, scaly body. Colors vary from tan to yellow to green to black, the underside of the King cobra is light tan to deep yellow.