Pink or Queen Conch


Pink or Queen Conch
Strombus gigas

Also Known As: Queen Conch

Conservation Status: Not endangered, but protected by law

Size: Can be up to 12 inches in length.

Range: Florida to the Caribbean.

Habitat: Lives in the sand of warm tropical seas.

Diet: Primarily algae, though the larvae also will eat plankton until maturity.

Breeding: From April to August.

Nesting: Eggs; the eggs are in long tubes that can be up to 75 feet long, the amount of the eggs can vary from 185,000 to 480,000.

Notes: The meat is considered a delicacy.

Description & Behavior
The lip of the shell of the queen conch varies from pink to orange to yellow. The outer shell can be speckled and is rough while the lip has a glossy appearance and smooth texture.